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Academia & industry collaborate to innovate novel formulations


The collaboration will be crucial to develop innovative formulations in the field of Nephrology & Critical care

Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University, New Delhi (DPSRU), first Pharmacy University of India, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration with Alniche Lifesciences, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in New Delhi to develop innovative formulations in the field of Nephrology & Critical care.

Alniche recognises the leading role of DPSRU in the field of postgraduate education & research and DPSRU appreciates the social commitment and professional obligation of Alniche to promote pharmacy education and enlarge the scope of research application by collaborating with the academic institutions.

Commenting on the collaboration, Professor RK Goyal, Vice Chancellor of DPSRU said, “The university believes that partnering with industry is the best way to give practical shape to innovative ideas.”

Girish Arora, Founder & Managing Director of Alniche Lifesciences shared, “Academia can play an important role in innovating novel products specifically required by Indian masses”.

Professor Harvinder Popli (Dean), Principal investigator for this project stated that under this collaboration, both the partners will work together for three broad areas formulation & development, concept to creation and analysis & standardisation of differentiated novel pharmaceuticals. Professor Raman Dang (Registrar), Dr Geeta Aggarwal and Ritu Hasija (Director Corporate, Alniche) played a pivotal role in establishing this collaboration.

Along with this collaboration, Alniche also instituted two awards (Jwalat & Vijayin) to recognise the young researchers & new start-ups at DPSRU innovation and Incubation Foundation (DIIF) to bring new products, concepts & technologies to the Indian market.

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