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Adents offers enhanced carton coding and inspection system

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Ideal for pharma market, Intelli-Code is an easily integrated system for printing and inspecting unit-level data on cartons

Adents provider of premier and versatile serialisation and track and trace solutions, is utilising Omega Design’s Remote Integration Programme to offer the Intelli-Code Carton Coding and Inspection System for the printing of unit-level data on individual cartons via thermal ink jet or laser printing.

Omega Design Corporation is a global provider of innovative packaging machinery and serialisation solutions. Its remote integration programme is a software-agnostic platform allowing its machines to be preconfigured for easy installation and deployment on an expedited basis to any and all end-users. The Intelli-Code employs an integrated vision system to verify printed data and serialisation data management system connectivity. The machine can be easily incorporated into new or existing carton lines, or deployed as part of an independent serialisation cell.

Units offered through Adents will be operated by Adents Seriza, a fully configurable, standardised serialisation software solution. A unique centralised configuration tool at the site level, Adents Seriza offers unprecedented levels of flexibility and scalability for pharma manufacturers and packagers. Two of its additional benefits – speed to deployment and ease of integration – are key factors for a successful Level 2-3 serialisation solution.

The high-speed and versatile Intelli-Code supports a variety of customer choices regarding preferred printing technologies, camera and inspection vision systems. The module has been standardised to include most common specifications of top 10 pharma companies, such as multiple user security levels and NFPA 70e split voltage enclosures. The use of fail-safe programming logic ensures only cartons that pass inspection continue down the packaging line.

Intelli-Code features two Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screens: One monitor is dedicated to the serialisation system, while the other screen manages machine automation controls. Carton spacing is assured via two variable speed conveyors. Its reject system directs all out-of-spec products to a reject bin, allowing only verified units to pass.

This module is highly flexible, supporting carton sizes from Min: 1.5’’ x 1.5” x 0.5” to Max: 8”x8”x6” with a line speed of up to 300 cpm.

When driven by Adents Seriza, the module represents an even more turnkey solution for pharma manufacturers, CMOs and contract packagers as the one-year countdown to unit-level serialisation enforcement under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act begins anew. The postponement period officially ends in November of 2018, and is unlikely to be extended further.

“The combined expertise of our companies – Omega’s material handling and controls integration expertise plus Adents’ exemplary software-based solutions – creates an unsurpassed system for unit-level carton serialisation,” said Christophe Devins, CEO, Adents.

“We’re proud that Adents chose Intelli-Code to offer its pharma customers a track & trace solution combining our versatile, high-performance machine with its flexible, scalable software,” said Glenn Siegele, President, Omega Design Corporation. “It’s a terrific example of what Omega Design’s Remote Integration Programme can achieve.”

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