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Simplify the journey with West Integrated Solutions for every molecule at any stage

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Vinayak Joshi, National Sales Manager, West Pharmaceutical Services gave an overview of West Pharma and their integrated solutions platform. He talked about how the company has invested in digitising resources to bring in one platform called knowledge centre, so that customers can come more closer to the knowledge centre.

He also elaborated on the mission of West Pharma to deliver injectable drugs and
improve patients’ lives. Joshi mentioned that the company aims to be a world leader in
integrated containment and delivery systems. On West Pharma’s analytical laboratory services, he mentioned how the company has been able to help customers in the long run through regulatory services to help their customers.

Further, he elaborated on West Pharma’s device contract manufacturing capabilities, where the company has been able to design and mould device assemblies, handle drugs, sterlisation aggregation and also finalise packaging.

Coming back to the integrated solutions platform by West Pharma, he stated that it has been uniquely positioned to simplify the journey for drug development whereby it helps to reduce developmental and supply risk, accelerate the path to market, minimise total cost of ownership and improve delivery device differentiation in the market.

Joshi also spoke of their AccelTRA Components Programme. He said that it is known for quality, speed and simplicity and it depends on market access requirement. The programme is designed for the US market and the European market. He informed that West Pharma provides a robust extractable package, which helps to quickly embark on identifying extracbles of your interest and saves time significantly. Thus, he emphasised on his company’s capabilities to be a good partner for the pharma industry.

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