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Goa Pharma Summit 2019: The story in pictures

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India Pharma Inc’s success story, going forward, will depend on its abilities to reimagine its growth strategies and align them towards a more innovation-driven path to capitalise on its promise and potential for growth.

Dr Praveen Khullar

Therefore, the second edition of Goa Pharma Summit, organised by Express Pharma, focussed on the theme ‘Capturing growth in a complex landscape’. Held at The Fern Kesarval Hotel & Spa, Verna Plateau, Goa, on August 23, 2019, this year’s conference witnessed experts and veterans of the industry examine the new global reality and share learnings to customise their strategies and business models to deal with increasing volatility and complexity in various business environments and fuel sustainable, long-term growth.

Moreover, it also looked at how Goa is poised to play a role in India Pharma Inc’s progress and sought actionable insights to reinvigorate Goa’s pharma sector to turn India into a global supply destination.

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