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Pharmaceutical solid dose formulation development using the Agilent 8700 LDIR

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During pharmaceutical solid dose formulation development, factors such as salt exchange, polymorphism, hydration, temperature, and pressure affect tablet dissolution, stability and even therapeutic efficacy. Molecular spectroscopy techniques such as Raman, FTIR and NIR imaging are often used to visualize the distribution of ingredients in solid dose (tablet) formulations. The resultant images are used to troubleshoot issues that may arise in production of the tablet or to support drug formulation. Unfortunately, these traditional spectroscopy techniques often require considerable time to obtain a detailed image as well as a high level of user expertise. This means chemical imaging of tablets is typically available only to expert spectroscopists.

The Agilent 8700 Laser Direct Infrared (LDIR) Chemical Imaging System is the first chemical imaging system that enables non-experts in infrared microscopy to get the data they need to support solid dosage form development and to ensure effective quality control.

The Agilent 8700 LDIR offers the following advantages over conventional FTIR or Raman imaging:

  •  Laser Direct Infrared (LDIR) provides a rapid and simplified path to chemical imaging. Only a few key wavelengths are measured to visualize individual components in each tablet. A full tablet scan takes just a few minutes.
  • More tablets can be analyzed in greater detail, in less time, which leads to better informed and faster decisions, saving time and money.
  • After an initial high-speed scan of the whole tablet, specific areas of interest can be scanned at higher resolution, all without changing objectives or refocusing

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