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Avanti JXN Series – Complete solution for protein purification workflow.

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Purified proteins are required for many proteomics applications such as X-ray crystallography, NMR, mass
spec, and in vitro biochemical assays. Proteins can be isolated from tissue or, more often, by their over expression in an organism, like bacteria, yeast, or mammalian cells in culture. Characteristics unique to each protein, like amino acid composition, size, shape, isoelectric point, and solubility are used to develop unique strategies for isolation of the protein of interest. The objective is to isolate the largest amount of functional protein of interest with the least amount of other contaminants present.

Centrifugation is an important, and often the first step, in any protein purification protocol. The Avanti JXN
Series has an array of rotors available to help with any stage of protein purification. The wide selection of
rotors with different combinations of volume and g-force makes it a versatile instrument capable of meeting the needs of any proteomics lab. It is an excellent solution for various proteomics applications such as cell pelleting, protein precipitation, subcellular and membrane isolation, density gradients, and protein concentration.

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