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‘We are known for quick, prompt and reliable service in the market’


Dr Kiran Badgujar, Founder and Director, Mack Pharmatech, talks about Mack
Pharmatech’s services to the pharma industry and its growth prospects in an
interaction with Express Pharma

How has Mack contributed to the growth of the Indian pharma industry?

Mack Pharmatech is and always has been an ‘innovator’ of novel technologies which helps the user of our chamber to concentrate more on his/her core work rather than looking at and/or attending the equipment.

Mack Pharmatech has pioneered and launched the European certified ‘CE’ approved environmental chambers first time in India. It has received a grand welcome by the Indian pharmaceutical industry and pharma fraternity in general.

Also, Mack Pharmatech pioneered and launched a ‘PLC’-based control system in India. We have developed a ‘software’ which is 21CFR Part 11 compliant and certified and one of the best in industry, as the PLC & Software: D.A.A.S., performs all the important functions- automation, controlling, communication and database, giving user complete freedom.

After the advent of the PLC-based machines our users are facing the audits more confidently and completing them even more successfully.

This has gone down in history books that all our peers and contemporaries followed our footsteps. We launched a new HMI last year (Make: ASEM from Italy), wherein the HMI itself has a inbuilt memory of 4GB: so it can store roughly about five years of data in itself, more over the user can take print outs directly from HMI by connecting a printer to it.

We also have successfully designed and launched our ‘Fire Proof Chambers’ recently. We are in a constant process of developing and upgrading our state-of-the-art and pioneer software DAAS with- newer features making it more user friendly. Recently, we have launched our DAAS 3.0 edition & its been welcomed by the industry. We, MPPL, DO NOT charge any fees (license &/or up gradation) to our client if they want to upgrade their software from an earlier version to the latest one, and there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

What are the different types of products you manufacture?

Mack Pharmatech manufactures all types of environmental chambers, such as Humidity Chambers (Stability Chambers), Cold Chambers, BOD Incubators- all the three. We have our standard models as well as we can ‘customise’ them as per the need of our customers- Stand-Alone or Walk-in type. Apart from these, we also manufacture deep freezers (upto -40 Deg. Cel.), bacteriological incubator, photo stability chamber, hot air oven, vacuum oven, duel zone chamber, seed germinator etc. Our state-of-the-art machines are carefully handcrafted with utmost care in our fully equipped plant in Malegaon, Sinnar plant in Nashik district of Maharashtra, India.

Which are your pharma specific products? Do you cater to any other industry as we well?

All the products are specific to the pharma sector. However, these are also used in food, cosmetic, chemical, health industry. Also, used in colleges and universities for educational purpose.

What are the advantages of your products? How good are they in comparison with your competitors?

Being a very young player in the market, we are giving the leaders a good run for their money as we are committed to manufacture and supply the best and latest equipment and services. We are known for quick, prompt and reliable service in the market, which sets us in a different league altogether.

How much revenue did your company generate in the last fiscal? What percentage of your revenue came from the Indian market?

MPPL has consistently been showing a double digit growth in the last few fiscals. This year was no exception where we clocked an impressive more than 30 per cent growth beating the industry growth rate by a huge margin. We are confident that we will continue to do so this year and years to come, thanks to our innovative products and top notch after sales service.

Whom do you consider your major client and why?

We have a strong presence in the West & South markets. Most of the big names in the industry are our valued and regular clients.

Tell us more about your expansion plans?

Recently, Mack has acquired a second plant dedicated for our ‘Walk in Chambers.’ We have shifted our R&D department in the same plant giving them more room and freedom to experiment on the novel ideas and technologies.

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