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‘Our products are widely accepted and used across India’


Sunil Saraf, Director, REMI Group, in an interaction with Express Pharma, talks about the company’s offerings for the pharma sector and its growth plans 

Brief us about your company.

REMI, founded in 1960, is a reputed and huge group of multiple manufacturing units. We at REMI LAB are primarily into manufacturing of laboratory and blood bank equipment catering to the medical and healthcare industries. Over the last six decades, we have established ourselves as market leaders in India for centrifuges and other laboratory and blood bank products. Along with all major hospitals, medical colleges, path labs diagnostic centres in India, our clientele spans across 50 plus other countries. We have a strong sales and support team network spreading across 14 different cities in India.

What is your company’s USP?

We are market leaders in centrifuges. Our products are widely accepted and used across India and various other European, African, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. We are known to bring the latest in technology of centrifuges from time to time for our customers with our new models and variants to suit their changing and increasing demand for various purposes of centrifugation. The master technology in centrifugation can be attributed to the company’s history of developing motors way back in 1960 as their first product. The creation of this motor which revolved in circular motion further gave birth to different manufacturing units which used this motor technology as their primary product to create products like fans, mixies, centrifuges, stirrers etc, which now function as independent business units respectively.

Which products will be showcased at CPHI/P-MEC 2017?

For P-MEC 2017, we will showcase some of our best products. There will be a wide range of centrifuges accompanied with stirrers, shakers, mixers, incubators, freezer and walk in chamber.

What is the company’s road map for next five years?

We at REMI, are focussing on a two-pronged approach for the next five years. Technological upgradation and global market expansion will constantly sophisticate our existing range of products for our home market customers. Market expansion will ensure a global reach to strengthen and grow our market in the world and optimise on the rich technology exchange in order to serve our home market and extended market with the best products.

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