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‘Mack Pharmatech is all set to spread its wings in international markets’


Dr Kiran Badgujar, Founder and Director, Mack Pharmatech, talks about Mack Pharmatech’s services to the pharma industry in a discussion with Sachin Jagdale

Take us through the journey of Mack Pharmatech.

Dr Kiran Badgujar

The journey has been exciting so far. Mack Pharmatech  produces technologically  most advanced products for India’s dynamically evolving pharmaceutical sector. We started with very humble beginning in the year 1999 with a team of two visionaries, Founders and Directors, Manoj Chaudhari and Dr Kiran Badgujar. Our company is now a remarkable player and a trend setter in the industry.

Mack Pharmatech has always been in the forefront when it comes to develop something absolutely new, that too keeping up with the stringent requirements of the regulating authorities. We were the first manufacturers who acquired the “European CE Certification”. All our machines and equipment are ‘CE’ Certified. It’s a standard feature of our products, irrespective of whether it is produced for the Indian market or for exports.

‘PLC-based controlled system’ is a concept we brought into reality when the pharma industry was looking for  automation in environmental chambers. Mack Pharmatech introduced and successfully launched a US based PLC: ‘Allen Bradley’ in the Indian market.

Technology always has been our forte. “21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software” is one of the key features when it comes to Mack Pharmatech machines.

What initial challenges did you come across when you were new into the business?

We started as a team of two, and got into servicing of already installed equipment in pharma companies. It was only after we gained enough experience and confidence, we ventured into production of environmental chambers under ‘Mack Pharmatech’ brand name. As we started right from the scratch, we had to learn everything from purchasing, production, accounting, marketing etc,. We were absolutely sure and confident, that we can make a difference-for better, as we definitely knew what the market exactly wants which the existing players were unable to serve them. It was the focus, determination and hard work of our team to accomplish our vision and mission that kept us on our path for excellence.

How are your products cost effective?

We actually are premium priced, but our products are ‘fully loaded’, i.e. for all the critical functions we have a stand-by installed in case of failure of primary. Plus, there are no hidden costs, whatsoever. As in our products we use all critical parts the best in its class and are very reliable and genuine. We are transparent to our clients when it comes to pricing and costing.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Innovation and technologically advanced products with an assurance of best in its class service set us apart and we have carved a niche for ourselves.

What are your growth plans for the next three years?

We are focusing on spreading our wings internationally and are eying on expanding in geometric progression year on year for the forthcoming three to five years.

Are there any new products in the pipeline?

20161130ep34Recently, Mack Pharmatech has launched “DAAS 3.0” : the most advanced version of our software, successfully in keeping up with our promise to evolve continuously for more user friendly products and software. DAAS 3.0 is being welcomed by industry stalwarts with great enthusiasm. In recent times, ‘data’ and ‘data integrity’ are the key words, it is all the more important for the users to acquire and safeguard more data as the regulators are raising questions regarding the same. To get and save more of the vital key data at the very place it is generated, Mack Pharmatech has launched a path breaking new age HMI in our machines for the users who have this specific requirement. This new HMI is capable of storing 4 GB of data in the PDF Format, which can be transferred to a server/ PC which is connected via ethernet, or you can take a backup using a USB drive or a SD Card. With this kind of capacity this HMI itself can store a data of about 4 to 5 years! This HMI is capable of providing direct printing facility right from the very equipment. You can connect a printer and have the printouts. This new development has powered the users  with a ‘trouble free’ and ‘headache free’ operations. These technological advancements over a period of time in quick succession helped Mack Pharmatech to propel itself to win new projects and create our loyal and satisfied customers in India and abroad.

Do you have any developments to share on the international front?

Mack is all set to spread its wings in international markets. We’re completing few big projects in international markets. Our satisfied Indian customers have generously recommended us to their foreign counterparts. It’s Mack’s pan India experience to serve and satisfy customers that has done the trick to help us win clients in the overseas markets as well.

Tell us about your after sales service

Mack has industry’s most respected service team stationed all across India in our service centres 24*7. Our team of qualified professionals are on a mission to provide a seamless service to our esteemed customers to avoid  downtime resulting from failures. Our local service centres are equipped with all the critical spares to address any and all faults and failures in our machines. We have a capability to correct the situation in stipulated time, so that neither  the user nor the management need to have sleepless nights and or burn midnight oil about the consequence of break down. Such after sales services have taken us from a small player to a formidable force in market.

You are also the Founder and Director of Mack Auraa. Tell us more about this venture.

Mack Auraa was established in 2012 with a vision to serve Indian pharma industry with products which are vital for a pharma companies’ labs. We even customise these products as per customer’s need. With a vast experience and expertise in pharma machinery  I have managed get these specialise lab equipments manufactured to serve demand of specific needs of specific customers.(viz. Autoclaves etc.)

Mack Auraa has carved its niche for itself in pharma industry and is regarded as a dependable and reliable partner for its clients. It is this dedication and loyalty towards the customers and vendors, Mack Auraa is paving its way towards success.

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