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Lighthouse USA launches lightest, smallest 100 LPM portable particle counter


Lighthouse USA has launched industry’s lightest (3.8Kg) and smallest (not only footprint, but also volume) 100 LPM portable airborne particle counter.

Built in web browser, With integrated web browser one can access real time data locally or anywhere in the building on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Tablet Data View
Built-in cleanroom certification reports FS 209E, ISO 14644-1:1999, ISO 14644-1:2015, & EU GMP regulatory pass/ fail reports on screen or printer
Handle with integrated status lights, an app for remote control and configuration, integrated Wi Fi and Bluetooth
Self-diagnostics When you are looking to take your environmental monitoring programme to the next level, the ApexZ50 is your solution. The power of the ApexZ50 starts with the most complete system of self-diagnostics in the industry, an enclosure that is sealed, easy to wipe-down, and chemically compatible with all major cleaning solutions, and much more.

Real-time monitoring

ApexZ50 can be used as a wireless real time sensor. Rooms and custom sample recipes can help to automate and simplify your monitoring routine. The ApexZ50 gives you various user and security levels, audit trails, and data tags that allow you to record things like batch and lot information, room status, or any other information you want associated with your particle counts.

Contact Details:
Jyoti Gangwani
Measuretest Corporation
94, Atlanta, Nariman Point
Mumbai – 400021
Tel: 022-22027982

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