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Atlantium innovation takes UV to next generations


Atlantium Technologies, founded in 2003, provides water-dependent industries such as dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and aquaculture, as well as municipalities, with UV (ultraviolet) based treatment to meet the growing need for safe water.

The company’s cost-effective and environmentally-friendly hydro-optic solutions deliver unprecedented microbial inactivation, taking water safety to levels never before achieved with other UV systems.

Atlantium’s Hydro-Optic system is field proven and validated to the highest regulatory standards including EPA, FDA and PMO. The company has an international customer base with installations all over the world.

Non-Chemical Dechlorination – Safe and Sustainable

Atlantium Technologies’ Hydro-Optic UV is a clean, green solution that has been engineered for maximum efficiency and economy, using medium pressure polychromatic UV light and Hydro-Optic principles that optimise UV energy to its full potential, reducing carbon footprint. It provides the bio-pharma industry with two sustainable solutions in one system: efficient dechlorination and powerful disinfection barrier, on-demand and with no chemicals. Atlantium systems comply with cGMP standards.

The disadvantages of commonly used methods

Commonly used dechlorination process methods include reduction of chlorine compounds by activated carbon or by dosing of SMBS (sodium metabisulphite), which both serve as nutrients for microbial populations, in effect creating an ideal environment for aerobic and anaerobic bacterial growth, requiring increased maintenance and a more complex operation.

The active carbon grains’ relatively large surface areas and filter pores make it easy for microorganisms to attach and become a source of food for various types of bacteria.

  • The active carbon requires frequently-scheduled maintenance procedures such as hot sanitation and backwash.
  • SMBS is a source for sulphate bacteria and makes an ideal environment for anaerobic microorganisms, creating slime

Sustainable alternative field proven in global companies

Hydro-Optic UV is a clean, green alternative to activated carbon and SMBS that offers the bio-pharma Industry reduced risk, better protection and lower operating expenses. It reduces Free Available-Chlorine (FAC) in production lines to undetectable levels, and provides the following added value:

  • Protects products from chlorine contamination
  • Protect RO (reverse osmosis) membranes
  • Protects EDI (Electro De-Ionization) modules
  • Protects chlorine-sensitive equipment
  • Provides high level disinfection to PW water

Field studies have proven that feed water treated with medium pressure UV actually lengthens the membrane lifespan, reduces bio-fouling, reduces pressure drop, enhances flux and extends time between chemical CIPs, saving in both CAPEX and OPEX.

Medium pressure ultra-violet (UV) treatment of the process water prior to the RO membrane easily reduces free available chlorine in production lines to undetectable levels and therefore protects the RO membranes from being damaged. At the same time, UV irradiation inactivates microorganisms and represses their repair mechanism, which inhibits regrowth downstream without requiring additional chemicals or causing harmful chemical by-products that may damage membrane performance.

Fully compliant with PW and WFI standards, Atlantium systems provide a powerful enough dose to use as the primary disinfectant in a purified water loop.


Innovative technology drives efficiency and sustainability

Total internal reflection

Atlantium UV technology leverages fibre optic and hydraulic principles to harness the full power of UV light using Total Internal Reflection (TIR) – an optical phenomenon where quartz is used to extend the paths light photons take over very long distances.

The core of the Hydro-Optic system is a water treatment chamber made of high quality quartz (instead of the traditional metal) surrounded by an air block. This unique configuration uses fibre-optic principles to trap the UV light photons and repeatedly bounce them along the length of the quartz walls and back into the water chamber at different angles, effectively lengthening their paths, recycling the energy, and creating a uniform UV dose distribution. At the same time, the water is optimally engineered to move in a controlled hydraulic pattern.

The result is that the UV dose is uniformly distributed across the entire volume of water, with no ‘dead’ areas that remain untreated. The user benefits from ‘recycled’ UV light for maximised efficacy using less energy.

Two sensors per lamp for total accuracy

Effective UV water disinfection depends on three parameters: UV intensity, water UV transmittance and water flow rate. Since these parameters are dynamic and fluctuate, they need to be measured continuously. The Atlantium system measures these critical data in real time and uses sophisticated validated algorithms to adjust operations. Integrated sensor calibration makes sure the sensors are reading accurately.

Automatic control and monitoring

A user-friendly touch screen provides a real-time status display of critical parameters including actual delivered dose, water flow rate, lamp intensity and water UVT. An alarm is triggered if any of the parameters is not within the required range. The data logging system enables traceability over time to monitor data for analysis and proof of compliance. Reports can be printed out at the touch of a button.

Medium pressure UV lamps

Atlantium’s medium pressure high intensity UV lamps pack a much stronger dose in a significantly smaller footprint than low pressure or other UV lamps. When a microorganism has been inactivated by low pressure UV it can still repair upstream. Atlantium medium pressure high intensity technology disables the proteins and enzymes needed to enable repair.

Atlantium UV lamps, placed perpendicular to the water flow in thick glass tubes, can be replaced quickly without draining the unit in only four minutes. Being much easier to handle than long lamps, they are far less likely to break.

Compliant and user friendly

Atlantium cGMP compliant systems are a small-footprint solution that easily integrates with existing plant processes. Equally effective with cold or hot water, they can be installed anywhere along the process line, either horizontally or vertically. Customisable options include remote control, data logging and monitoring.

ACE technologies is an official representative of Atlantium in India.

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