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‘Any and every pharma company will be our client sooner or later’


HVAX Technologies is a turnkey solution provider to build infrastructure for all kind of pharmaceutical applications. Prayagdatt Mishra, MD, HVAX Technologies, reveals more to Sachin Jagdale

Which products do you offer for the pharma industry?

Prayagdatt Mishra

HVAX is a turnkey solution provider to build infrastructure for all kind of pharmaceutical applications. Any pharma plant which has to be constructed or upgraded needs specific infrastructure considering the product/ process demands and regulatory demands. When we say specific infrastructure, it includes the building layout with man and material movement flow plans, size of the areas as per machines and production capacities in target, unique utilities required to operate the machines like power, water, gas, compressed air etc., environment and contamination control as per clean room requirements, air pressure balancing across the rooms as per process, selection of machines, electrical power distribution and instrumentation controls for automation, lighting, fire and safety norms and instruments, lab equipment and furniture etc.

At  HVAX, we provide a complete package from concept design to execution for all above and even more as required by the particular project/ product in consideration.

How are your products important to the pharma industry from the regulatory point of view?

For any process industry, the factory/ plant infrastructure is very important to achieve the quality and quantity of production. A correct balance between inventory and dispatches needs to be taken care of while designing the layouts. Also, from a regulatory point of view, pollution control, safety norms, material handling and pharma being a consumable product for all mankind, the FDA regulations play a vital role not only for quality control but also for all the national and international plant audits. At HVAX, our expert team takes extreme care to make the concepts in such a way that all the regulatory demands are fulfilled and the plant user team may maintain the same for a long time without any efforts.

With many competitors already present in the market how would you like to project your products for your clients?

Being a project or turnkey solution provider company, we know that a client is putting a lot of trust and money on our skills as the infrastructure works done cannot be rectified easily for any shortcomings. Hence, we have taken extreme care to develop our team to handle different verticals of a project with technical and commercial optimisation.

We strongly believe that any decision or action is right only if the same is done within the right time. Hence we give equal importance to the timely completion of the project. This combination of techno-commercial approach with scheduled commitments give us a different stand and respect in the industry.

How do you manage to strike a balance between quality and the cost of the product?

HVAX, being a project company, is basically an application engineers’ team. So we take enough care to apply new technologies to improve quality. Also, the balance between capital investment and savings on running cost of a plant is always in centre while we do all the value engineering for any project.

Today, across the world all the engineers are striving to develop technologies which may save fuel and power. We proudly see ourselves as a part of the global engineering team working for a better tomorrow.

Who are your clients in the pharma industry?

Any and every pharma company will be our client sooner or later. As on date to name a few, our existing clients are Patanjali, Divis, Alembic, Nutricia, Sava Global, Lanxess, Biocon, Sandoz, Alkem, Akzonoble, Navin Flourine , Aarti Industries and many more.

Do you export your products? If yes, what percentage of your revenue comes from the overseas market? What is your market share in India in your respective product categories?

Yes, we design and execute the complete turnkey projects abroad. Nearly 40 per cent of our income is from exports, which is likely to grow in the coming years. Currently, we  cater to countries like Africa, Asia, the Middle east and CIS countries.

Tell us about your after sales service.

Although all the capital items are covered with 12 months warranty, we always target to take extreme care to avoid any complaints of break down. Still in case if we come across any such issue, we have made arrangements by keeping dedicated team whose primary responsibility is to attend the issue and preventive maintenance for some applications in free time.

Are there any new products in the pipeline?

We are working on quite a few technology – driven services which would enhance the quality of many products currently used.

What are your future growth plans?

In future, we intend to be a major player by offering turnkey cleanroom solutions in India and abroad. We wish to offer technology-driven solutions to the industry.

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