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World class pharmaceutical solutions by ACE Technologies

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Mohammed Rafiuddin, Sales Manager, ACE Technologies, in his presentation on world class pharmaceutical solutions by his company, pointed out that Ace Technologies is a dynamic and progressive company by a group of professionals who had many years of experience in the field of pharma, food and beverage machinery.

He stated that Ace Technologies is a company with multi-faceted capabilities and can be a worthwhile partner for pharma companies. Rafiuddin highlighted his company’s solutions for different pharma functions such as packaging, processing and inspection. He also pointed out  that his company has time and again demonstrated these capabilities in multiple areas which has helped it earn a good reputation and repeat business.

He also gave an overview on the cutting-edge packaging technology provided by his company to stay at par with the industry’s evolving demands and package products in different formats. He detailed how these products help to provide proper protection, ensure stability of drugs and reduce the risk of contamination. He also elaborated on the various ways to sustain business profitability with quality products through inspection which helps to identify and rectify hazards and constantly uphold quality.

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