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Trends in pharma packaging

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Barun Dey, Director, Packaging Development, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, gave a very insightful presentation on the various trends in pharma packaging. He emphasised that pharma companies need to think beyond the pill and look at adding values to the most important stakeholders, the patients. It means empowering patients to be more knowledgeable about their own health and make the right decisions.

He also said that pharma companies need to develop strategies which looks at constantly adding value to patients that go beyond mere treatment and accented the role of packaging in doing so. He said that empathy is most important to understand patient needs. It is the foundation of all trends and drives all advancements.

Dey elaborated that the role of packaging in product safety and meeting regulations is paramount. He encouraged his peers to proactively include safety measures in man-machine interface on packaging lines. He also detailed how packaging contributes towards meeting global regulations such as DGFT, DSCSA, EUFMD etc. to drive serialisation security and quality. He pointed out that packaging can optimise the supply chain and make it more efficient.

He went on to speak on how packaging will need to be more optimised and personalised to gain competitive advantages in times to come and meet the emotional needs of patients. Dey spoke on how smart packaging solutions, integrated with digital technology will drive future advancements in pharma packaging as well. He cited interesting examples of packaging solutions adopted by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, thereby making it an interesting presentation which was well-received by the audience.

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