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Trends in barrier packaging


Neelam Lalwani, Global Quality Head, ACG Films & Foils, ACGs  spoke on Trends in barrier Packaging. She said that as India gets into complex generics, reverse engineering for innovative products is not the only solution. A lot more understanding is required for developing apt solutions. She also gave a brief presentation on ACG’s recent acquisition, which helped them in expanding their global footprints.

Stressing on the company’s product portfolio and its relevance in today’s time, she informed that the company has a whole basket of conventional films in pharma packaging which are still relevant.

Recalling discussions from the Day 1 of PPL conclave which highlighted the importance of research and innovations, she stressed that it can  lead to the next level of growth for the company. She shared an example of Aclar which was a research molecule and later got transferred into packaging with zero barrier properties. She also informed about the availablity of a wide  range of Aclar films in various thicknesses and combinations to suit both, the needs of water vapour transmissions rate and  oxygen barrier.

Moving forward, she informed about the company’s ultra safe high barrier properties of Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC ), and its ability to provide customised solutions based on API requirements, excipients, and drug products ‘ moisture sensitivity.

Referring to the counterfeit menace and its impact on companies’ brands, she suggested that companies need to invest  in avoiding legal hassles  through solutions which are available in the market.

She informed that besides oral dosages the company also offers a complete range of solutions for suppositories and unique dosage. She shared the company’s latest innovations and how they are customising them to any product as per the requirements.

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