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The way forward for pharma packaging professionals

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Reetika Prashar, Packaging lead, Merck Consumer Health gave a very interesting and engaging presentation on ‘The way forward, what pharma packaging professionals need do to take it to the next level’. She began her presentation by lauding Express Pharma for creating this platform for packaging leaders.

She went to give some very relevant examples of superior and interesting examples of packaging from different industries. She stated that packaging has immense potential to bring explosive business growth to companies. However, she recommended the adoption of innovative packaging materials to drive progress. She also put forth how packaging could be a very good tool to build a brand and communicate effectively with its consumers.

Her examples included brands like Parchute, Catch and Paper Boat. She spoke on how each of these products/ brands have effectively utilised packaging to become household names. For instance paper Boat has built itself as a brand which evokes memories of a happier times. Catch has managed to convert a kitchen product like salt into something which is displayed on the dining table.

Prashar advised the pharma industry to take a cue from other industries and utilise packaging in a more optimal manner. She admitted that the industry has started doing it to a certain extent. For instance, glucometers, nebuliser have become household products, thanks to good packaging and communication.

She also pointed out the other benefits that packaging can ensure for the industry such as patient adherence and regulatory compliance.

She ended her presentation with some clips from a recently released film, PADMAN to remind the industry about how important it is to be innovative and think out-of-the-box solutions to bring down packaging costs.

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