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Special Address: Pivotal Role of Pharma Packaging


He commenced his address by lauding Express Pharma for launching PPL Conclave. It called the right platform for leading pharma packaging professionals to congregate and discuss on issues crucial for the industry. He also predicted a very good future for the pharma industry despite the manifold challenges.

Moving on to pharma packaging, he said that as the final contact between a drug and the users is packaging and hence, it has a very important role to play. He stressed that pharma packaging needs to be more patient-centric and asked the industry to adopt innovation to improve user convenience and patient-adherence. Acknowledging the challenges faced by packaging professionals, he admitted that they have the tall task of balancing cost, user preferences and regulatory norms.

Chakravarthi also spoke on how pharma packaging players should evolve with advances in the life sciences industry to remain competitive and stay relevant. He elaborated on the various trends which are driving the industry and expounded on how different types of packaging have changed over time to suit the transformations in the pharma industry.

He encouraged the pharma packaging industry to develop and deliver innovative solutions through R&D. Divulging that more people lose their lives due to counterfeit drugs than terrorism, he pointed out the very pivotal role that packaging plays in fighting counterfeiting, a major menace. Changing demographics and serving the needs of different population are also a challenge that packaging should tackle.

He ended with a message for pharma packaging professionals that they should be very proud of their work as they cover the globe’s health!

Key takeaways:

  • Pharma packaging needs to constantly evolve to remain relevant and and competitive
  • Pharma packaging should balance user convenience with regulatory compliance
  • The need of the hour is to develop and deliver innovative and tailor-made solutions to suit different requirements

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