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Special Address: Future of Pharma Packaging

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Applauding pharma packaging professionals at PPL Conclave 2019, AVPS Chakravarthi, Global Ambassador, World Packaging Organisation said that pharma packaging industry plays a key role between pharma companies and patients. In his keynote address, he said that PPL Conclave is one-of-its-kind event for pharma packaging professionals and Express Pharma should be lauded for the initiative. He assured the delegates about the quality of deliberations at the PPL Conclave and elaborated on how it will help the pharma packaging professionals. In his presentation, he highlighted on how human behaviour is changing and getting more inclined towards smart technology.

Chakravarthi touched upon the changing requirements in the pharma industry and how it would evolve in future. Continuing his speech, he gave insights on the healthcare industry and talked about how it has transformed completely over the years. He spoke about the days when we had limited knowledge about various diseases and the options for diagnosis and treatment were few. But, today there are well qualified doctors and medicines to cure diseases. He established that the life sciences industry is making advancements each day and highlighted the role of pharma professionals in saving the life of patients. He concluded that pharma packaging industry has undergone a huge transformation in  and will continue to do so in the times to come.

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