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Regulatory compliance

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Chandiprasad Ravipati,  Head Packaging Development, Aurobindo Pharma, gave an insightful session at PPL Conclave 2019 which touched upon a variety of topics. He spoke on the growing incidence of lifestyle diseases, especially among millennials stressed on the importance of maintaining good habits for a healthy life. He compared regulatory compliance in pharma companies to leading a leading a healthy lifestyle. He emphasised that it is a mantra for the pharma industry and explained how packaging can enable regulatory compliance. He spoke on the importance of robust quality systems and  packaging innovations to build compliance.

Ravipati stressed that packaging should be taken into consideration during the whole process of product development in pharma, beginning from formulation development of a drug. In his presentation, he also talked about the requirements by various countries and how pharma companies need to fulfill the requirements of each these countries.

He also touched upon labelling regulations, which have changed significantly over the last five years. He also mentioned how
India Pharma Inc is gearing to meet these regulations and opined that regulations should not be looked at in a negative light. They are meant to improve processes and for the overall good of the community.

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