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Primary packaging solutions for generic injectables — AccelTRA

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Alok Chandrokar started off his presentation with data-based insights on how market entry filings and approvals have steadily increased in recent years. The FDA is accelerating generic approvals as part of Trump administration’s Drug Competition Action Plan to reduce drug costs and promote competition.

He highlighted that injectable approvals also increased by 82 per cent vs total approval increase of 17 per cent. However, the pharma market for injectables is also undergoing a lot of transformations, and the market demands are changing. Similarly, the speed for filing packaging requirements has intensified as well. Thus, the generic markets are facing several challenges, and hence the players need to pay more attention to quality to stay relevant and competitive.

He went on to explain how his company can be a good partner for generic companies to move to the next level of growth and be competitive in global markets. He cited the example of AccelTRA, an innovative customer service package to help customers get their product(s) to market quickly. Chandrokar explained that AccelTRA components meet market needs by leveraging West expertise in 4432 and 4023 formulations. He concluded by stating that over 12 million stoppers have sampled AccelTRA and or sold to customers in the US, the EU and India.

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