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Packaging solutions for generic injectables to regulated markets


Alagu Subramaniam AR, MD, West Pharmaceutical Packaging India, spoke on ‘Packaging solutions for generic injectables to regulated markets’. In his presentation, he gave an overview on hi company’s offerings for the generic injectable markets globally such as the AceelTRA programme. He also spoke on West’s role in delivering medicines to patients for the last 90 years through its products like stoppers, seals, caps, syringe components, Daikyo CZ vials and syringes, reconstitution systems and self-injection devices.

He also informed that the largest country consuming generic injectables is China. Its share of consumption amounts to 31 per cent of the total market. Next is North America with 19 per cent and then India at around 10 per cent. Asia is 6 per cent, Western Europe is 11 per cent and rest of the world comprises 24 per cent of the injectables volume.

He informed, “When we look at the percentage of injectables, 57 per cent is made up of generic injectables. The global market is growing for the past five years at a compounded annual growth rate of 3.5 per cent.”

He also briefed the audience on the challenges and opportunities in injectables and on the impact of guidelines and regulations such as GDUFA I and GDUFAI II on the industry.

He went on to elaborate about AccelTRA, reportedly the world’s first generic rubber formulation and its uses.

He also gave a rundown on the salient features of the product i.e speed, quality and simplicity. With reference to its quality, he said that it meets the requirements of Global Compendia; it is available with Type V DMF; is Low Particulate and has Multi Puncture Design capability. The optimised lead times taken is one week trial and six weeks for commercial quantities. He also claimed that it is the single, next generation formulation 4031 which is globally available.

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