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‘Packaging audit is a unique service rendered by PCR’

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In a span of less than four years, Packaging Clinic and Research Institute (PCRI) has marked its presence in the Indian pharma industry. The institute has designed several programmes
for pharma packaging professionals to help them deliver better services. Prof Karna BK, Director-PCRI, Packaging Clinic and Research Institute, in an interaction with Usha Sharma talks more about the institute

Tell us about the ongoing activities of PCRI?

Prof Karna BK

PCRI renders its services to various industrial sectors in order to enhance quality, packaging standardisation and cost optimisation. To promote the profession of packaging, PCRI conducts various packaging training programmes. They are packaging skill development programme, Executive Development Programme (EDP) and one year post graduate programme in packaging.

PCRI provides packaging consultancy for package design and determination of shelf life of packaged products. Which new trends do you see in the global market?

Package design focuses on three-areas.

Structural packaging design for package stability, graphic packaging design for aesthetic appeal and structural packaging design for products required packaged life.

Determination of shelf life of the packaged products are being done on the prime basis of studies of PMT factor i.e. nature of product, nature of the market and nature of transport and thereafter product packaging stability test through accelerated climatic exposure study.

What kind of training programmes do you conduct for Indian pharma packaging industry and how it helps to create an employment opportunity? So far, how many people have been trained by PCRI?

PCRI’s  annual three-day EDP on ‘Packaging of Pharma Products’ is one of the best programmes that we conduct where pharma industry professionals participate and present various case studies. Since 2012, we have trained 120 professionals.

PCRI also has the following programmes

  • ITP Intensive Training Programme in Packaging: It is a three – month programme: where candidates may select option with pharma packaging. Till now, 90 professionals have been trained.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging (PGDP) is a one-year programme. In the first batch  22 professionals were trained.

What type of recognition has PCRI received?

PCRI has been recognised by various associations in the country such as Packaging Club, Federation of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce & Industries (FTAPPCI) and Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers (FCBM) etc.

PCRI also offers packaging audit and consultancy. Elaborate more on the same.

Packaging audit is a unique service being rendered by PCRI for bringing the concept though ‘justification of specification’ which delivers cost optimisation and quality enhancement. Around 15-20 pharma companies approach PCRI for packaging assistance.

What research activities have been undertaken to enhance pharma packaging in India?

We have undertaken a lot of research activities. Research activities need lot of financing at an initial stage. We have conducted research activities in the following.

  • RCT Kraft paper for Corrugated Box.
  • Al foil free barrier materials
  • Abrasion loss relationship
  • Induction seal strength

What is the reason behind pharma companies delaying in adopting technology for the life sciences segment where similar technologies are being adopted in the global markets?

Indian pharma companies are aware of all these global trends. Few of them have already adopted for the US and EU regulated markets. The Union government is very aggressive to accept these technologies.

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