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Keynote Address: Journey of pharma packaging


As a pharma packaging veteran, Gautama Buddha took the participants of the PPL Conclave 2019 through the evolutionary journey of pharma packaging. He highlighted that the industry has come a long way from being an afterthought to a significant contributor to the progress of the pharma industry. He said that soon the pharma packaging industry will touch $90 billion mark in the coming years, with injectables and chronic diseases medicine packaging as the key drivers.

Buddha said that earlier, packaging’s major role in pharma was protection of products but now it has a very varied and multi-faceted role which involves enabling patient adherence, regulatory compliance, fighting counterfeiting, making the products tamper-proof, disseminating important product information and so on. Moreover, with the advent of technology, packaging’s role in optimising function, right from drug delivery to commercialisation, has become very significant.

He spoke on how packaging can help meet the requirements of different markets, improve the efficiency of drug delivery, protecting the efficacy of the products for a longer time, ensure safety of patients and care givers, preventing contamination of products etc. His address highlighted how important is packaging in the pharma industry and how the industry should evolve to meet the changing demands of the life sciences industry.

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