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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Embracing complexity through drug delivery systems and innovation

Dr Praveen Khullar, Dy Head of Industrial Development Centres EP+Gx (EM), GEM, IA Platform & Head of Global Development Centre, Group Sanofi, Goa

Delivering a key note address at FDD Conclave on ‘Embracing complexity through drug delivery systems & innovation’, Dr Praveen Khullar, Head of Global Development Centre, Group Sanofi, Goa started his session by giving a comparative analysis of global pharma markets and the Indian pharma industry alongwith  growth forecasts. He highlighted that falling product pieplines, growing R&D costs, increased generic competition, competition in biosimilars, commercial complexity, pricing pressures, regulatory compliance etc. are current challenges for pharma companies.

He drew attention to windows of opportunities in the sector such as NDDS, major therapy areas,  emerging markets, advancements in devices and biosimilars etc. He also emphasised on adopting and encouraging innovation to meet unmet needs, maximise efficacy, reducing dose and toxicity, fuel product pipelines, improve patient compliance and simplify therapeutic processes.

Examining trends in formulation development and drug delivery, he said that incremental innovation by combination products represent an interesting growth opportunity. He ended his presentation with a EU/US comparison on application types and exclusivities.

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