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Improving machine readable code quality as part of track & trace solution

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Sandeep Vadakattu-Sector Development Manager – Lifesciences, Domino Printech India gave an overview of his company during his presentation at PPL Conclave 2019. He went on to speak about the use of automation in increasing coding quality and efficiency in the track and trace process.

He informed that soon 80 per cent of the drugs will be tracked and traced, with serialisation becoming mandatory in several parts of the world. Therefore, it would be vital to improve machine readability in coding. He elaborated on the challenges in this sphere and spoke about how companies can improve efficiency and coding quality with the help of automation. He also gave a few examples of how his company can help in improving coding quality.

Further, he threw light on the sustainability aspects of coding. During his presentation, he emphasised that codes put on the products should be sustainable in long run. Also, print consistency in coding is a must. Therefore, organisations need to build techniques that can help them maintain consistency in their coding systems. Finally, Vadakattu threw light on some techniques that can be adopted to ensure consistency, efficiency and quality. He said that choosing the right coding method on the right substrate is key to get better speed, more accuracy, enhance quality and reduce human errors.

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