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Ideal Cures Document Solutions

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Suresh Pareek, MD, Ideal Cures

Suresh Pareek, MD Ideal Cures, the presenting partner at FDD Conclave 2018, showcased an interesting offering, Ideal Cures Documented Solutions, before the leading professionals gathered at the event. Calling it revolutionary, Pareek informed that it was an in-house developed program that converts a value proposition into monetary terms.

Explaining further, he cited that if Ideal Cures claims that a particular product saves costs by reducing the time, then they are able to assign a monetary value to the savings via this program. Thus, the users of can directly measure savings offered by Ideal Cures’ solutions, for instance INSTACOAT.

He also said that his team is in constant pursuit of measures which will add value to their customers. Pareek also claimed that the realised benefits of solutions from Ideal Cures are much more than the investments and went on to explain how they provide more benefits than even their in-house solutions.

He listed down the advantages offered by his solutions such as dependable technical services; benefits of continuous research & development; no worry quality of raw materials; decrease in problems at shop floor; considerable time savings; decrease in rejections; and consistency in colour, uniformity and film thickness. Apart from these factors, he also highlighted that the accountability which Ideal Cures offers if there are glitches is also a major advantage.

He also briefed the audience on the value additions offered by his company in multiple ways and reiterated that claimed that Ideal Cures is committed towards offering greatest value, convenience, time-savings which can be converted into more productivity and profit, as well as choice.

He ended his session with the promise that Ideal Cures will be a committed partner to any pharma company’s progress.

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