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Down Memory Lane

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Image courtesy: IDMA

At IDMA meeting with Dr Samuel Paul, Director IIM, Ahmedabad at Taj Intercontinental on May 3, 1973

Image courtesy: Alembic Pharmaceuticals

RB Amin with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru

Image courtesy: IDMA

Meeting with Prof Adarkar of Reserve Bank of India under the auspices of IDMA in Hotel Nataraj on November 10, 1969

Image courtesy: Alembic Pharmaceuticals

PM Lal Bahadur Shastri inaugurates penicillin production

Image courtesy: IDMA

IDMA meeting with Minister of Health, Mr Patil, flanked by President of Yemen on the right and Dr Yusuf Hamid of Cipla on the left

Glimpses of the antibiotic manufacturing process

Image courtesy: Alembic Pharmaceuticals

Image courtesy: Alembic Pharmaceuticals

Image courtesy: Alembic Pharmaceuticals

Image courtesy: Cipla archives

Pharma lab in the yesteryears

Image courtesy: Cipla archives

A researcher at work

Opportunities Calling


The scenario which existed 20 years back has gained more relevance in the current times. The possibility of tapping new patient segments, creating branding strategies around innovative drug delivery approaches and meeting evolving regulations.

Be it in the discovery and development of new, better medicines or improving existing ones, there is clearly a need for the knowledge of executable strategies and leading-edge technologies in drug delivery today as well.

Mastering the 3Cs


In another interesting article from the Independence Day special issue of Express Pharma, published in the year 1997, the author predicts that 3Cs — Customers, Competition and Change will always be the driving factors in the pharma industry. He also outlines the strategy to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. His philosophy and advice has withstood the test of time and is relevant even in the current scenario.

A changing panorama


The pharma sector has evolved tremendously from from the time we gained our independence to the present day power house that produces and supplies high quality generic drugs to markets across the world, in driving the progress of the nation.  An article from our archives which predicts  how the industry dynamics would change in the years to come. India Pharma Inc adopted several of the measures outlined in the article and have achieved considerable success in the past 20 years.

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