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Collaboration: Key to accelerated growth in pharma packaging

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Mohan Joshi, International Business Coach for Sales & Leadership was one of the speakers at the inaugural edition of PPL Conclave. In a very interesting and engaging session, he explored and examined the role and importance of purposeful partnerships in enabling growth for packaging professionals and organisations.

He highlighted that the pharma industry has very acute specifications that need to be fulfilled to the last detail and hence, and hence a lot of hand-holding is involved, especially in packaging.

He used existing, successful examples of partnerships which have enabled progress for the organisations involved and the industry as a whole. He present the case of the
Matrix Alliance, a collaboration between pharma packaging leaders to help manufacturers speed breakthrough treatments to the market to state his point. SCHOTT AG, Vanrx and ARaymondlife are part of this alliance.

Another of his examples was the partnership between Merck and Pfizer as well as the latter’s collaboration with Corning to modernise pharma glass packaging. He also presented ACG’s MoU with Applied DNA Sciences as a collaboration which is helping to thwart counterfeits through capsule authentication and traceability technology. He also pointed out that partnerships is key to creating strong and effective supply chain systems.

He ended his session with a reiteration that collaboration is the fuel and catalyst for continuous efficiency and for improving business results. Advocating that it is more fruitful and effective than competition as it yields better results, his advice to the pharma sector was to encourage collaboration and cooperation between employees and stakeholders to foster innovation and achieve business benefits.

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