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AccelTRA – Primary Packaging Solutions for Generic Injectables

Alok Chandorkar, Market Development Manager-India, West Pharmaceutical Packaging India

Alok Chandorkar, Market Development Manager-India, West Pharmaceutical Packaging India gave a presentation on ‘Your Partner for Integrated Containment and Delivery Solutions’ at FDD Conclave 2018. He briefed the audience on range of the products offered by his company and said that West Contract Manufacturing Solution is the largest manufacturers of auto-injectors in the world. He also informed that the company has FDA-accredited labs in US which specialise in subjects like extractable, leachable and other studies.

Speaking on integrated containment and delivery, Chandorkar informed about packaging components, Daikyo solutions, delivery systems, contract manufacturing, analytical services and partnership. He highlighted that the company has built an internal knowledge management portal, because of which it is able to give rapid response to queries raised by scientists. This knowledge management centre is also available online so that  customers are able to get instant responses. The topics covered by the portal include product drawing; biologics containment delivery; fill-finish manufacturing technology; functionality and performance; surface properties and enhancement; material properties; industry trends, formulation characteristics etc.

He also spoke on generic market insights and trends and shared four major insights:

  • The ANDA fillings and approvals are increasing. Since, 2015 there has been a 84 per cent increase in ANDA filing and the approvals have increased by 53 per cent.
  • Speed for filing packaging requirements has intensified;
  • Market volatility for generic manufacturers can be significant and
  • Enforcement actions have increased since 2015 and multiple review cycles add stress to quality in operations and filings.

He said that these insights have taught that a primary containment delivery partner should have quality, speed and simplicity in its portfolio. He also claimed that the latest programme of West stands on these three pillars. He ended the session by briefing on West’s new product AccelTRA.

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