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Sciformix: Promoting volunteering

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Sciformix Corporation is a Scientific Process Organization (SPO), providing scientific knowledge-based services to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, generics, consumer products, medical devices and other healthcare companies. Working in the areas of safety and risk management, clinical research ,post-approval support and regulatory affairs, the company has taken it up as its mission to help people live healthier lives.

Employees’ day out

“Volunteering is one of the ways in which we feel we can give something back to our local communities and respond to their needs.”
Manish Soman
CEO, Sciformix Corporation

In 2013, on its founding day, May 7, the company introduced its Social Impact Initiative (SII) day. The day is marked by employees across its offices in India and Phillipines leaving their offices and volunteering their time to charities that care for orphans, destitute women and the elderly. The focus is to work at the grassroots of local communities, providing medical provision and expertise to those who need it most. Funded entirely by the company, the programme aims to expand in other geographies over time.

Echoes Manish Soman, CEO, Sciformix Corporation, “Volunteering is one of the ways in which we feel we can give something back to our local communities and respond to their needs. We have to remember that success is defined not only by business achievements, but also by how well we serve our communities and enrich our ecosystem.” Many of the orphans the company cares for as part of SII are HIV positive, and are urgently in need of the immediate healthcare.

This year over 500 employees carried out substantial work across 24 local charities in Pune, Mumbai and Manila. The teams of volunteers set up medical camps, delivered healthcare provision to those with immediate requirements and staged health awareness presentations for healthcare educational purposes. The charities served include Tunga Gaon Charitable Trust, Mumbai, where qualified medical practitioner employees dispensed essential but often life saving medicines from the medical camp. In Pune, Sciformix teams support Akanksha, a school for underprivileged children. Further visits were undertaken this year in Manila, The Philippines, to Tahanan Ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home and Kanlungan Ni Maria Home for the Aged.

Additional teams spent time visiting people of all ages including underpriviledged children and the elderly across various charities including Ekalavya Bal Shikshan & Arogya Nyasa, St John’s Home, and Kinara Vridha and Matimanda Seva Trust.” The staff also spent time with the people we set out to help – the importance of social interaction can often be overlooked. By working with so many charities, our staff were able to impact the lives of thousands of orphans, destitute women and the elderly. When hundreds of people decide to make a difference, anything is possible,” says Soman.

A suitable connect

Soman feels that volunteering as a CSR activity through the SII programme sits perfect with within the company mission of helping people live healthier lives. “It allows us to fully realise our company values of integrity, commitment, focus, innovation, diversity, excellence and teamwork every day, in everything we do. Giving, volunteering and the development of business innovations are the ways in which we live our mission and respond to the needs of our communities. Each is equally important, and together they become a powerful commitment to improving health, people’s lives and the communities in which we work and live,” he adds.

The company believes in improving patient care around the world, therefore, making it a safer place. Also since it operates globally, many of the employees working in Pune, Mumbai and Manila do not see patients on a daily basis. Thus the opportunity to deliver healthcare provision through the SII programme not only allows vital aid for those local charities, but allows employees to live, breath and achieve company mission.

In its second year, the SII programme, is still very much in its infancy. As Sciformix continues to grow, it is likely that the SII programme will evolve and grow together with the company. However, the focus of the programme will not be lost. Focus will always lie in helping charities in local communities, specifically those charities that work with orphans, destitute women and the elderly. “We would like to increase focus on CSR programmes where we can add more value by using our knowledge of pharma products and our medical backgrounds even more,” he concludes.

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