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‘Less government and more governance will do the magic’

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We have been fortunate to work closely with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, especially during ‘Vibrant Gujarat’. It is high time that the government stopped looking at businessmen negatively. The pharma industry has been providing efficacious affordable quality medicines and growing despite dismal government support as well as international pressures. A more industry-friendly approach would enthuse our pharma industry to provide almost all our people with access to quality affordable medicines at a faster pace. Labour laws also have to be made more realistic.

We, the poople of India, have entrusted the new government with a clear mandate. It is now for the government to reciprocate and create a transparent atmosphere of confidence and trust. We are confident that the principle of ‘less government and more governance’ will do the magic.

Daara B Patel, Secretary-General, IDMA

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