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‘Government should work as a facilitator and not as a regulator’

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The Modi governmen should encourage Indian pharma industry to have the slogan “Discover in India” and not “Made in India ” uIntroduce a tough auditing system as is being done by many regulators in developed countries.

  • Introduce single ministry instead of two ministries
  • Introduction of E-governance in the correct spirit
  • Encourage complimentary medicines like Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, etc.
  • Industry should support the government for segments like HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, cancer etc. with special rates
  • Stakeholders should be involved in all policy related government committees
  • Prove that the government is working in a really transparent way and adhere to a strict time frame for each clearance.
  • Bring it to the notice of the world that India is the cheapest producer of good quality, efficacious medicines
  • Encourage industry to invest in R&D which should be treated as a part of the CSR obligation.
  • Put sincere efforts to revive MSME units which were closed down over a period. Out of 10000 manufacturing units in the country, more than 75 per cent are in the MSME segment.
  • Restructure the tax system. Pharma industry faces so many taxes at present and many government department/agencies are controlling it. There should be a single window system in the real sense.
  • Encourage cluster system and set up mega pharma towns like Vizag and those found in China.
  • Remove disparity in excise of bulk drugs and formulation
  • Instead of price control, government should have a good monitoring system. China has recently withdrawn control on medicines to avoid shortage of life saving drugs
  • Educate the common man that the pharma is not a commodity industry but a lifesaving industry. Cost is secondary and life is primary.
  • Utilise the huge infrastructure of PSU units through the PPP system.’
  • Set up state owned institutes like AIIMS in all states.
  • Government should work as a facilitator and not as a regulator. Make a think tank of industry experts to help the government in improving the volume, exports, and development of new molecules
  • Encourage insurance for the common man so that there is no direct burden on the government for the treatment of patients and to increase budget allocation for health.

BR Sikri, Vice President, BDMA, Vice President, IDMA

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