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‘’Add qualifications at young age’’

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Knowledge sharing

Pharma industry is a knowledge-based industry and it is evolving very rapidly. The dynamic nature of the industry requires you to continuously re-skill and re-train oneself to align with the newer technologies, regulatory requirements and market realties. Infact, the entire organisation has to go through continuous training and development activities. The best way of re-skilling is also by sharing the knowledge and information with your colleagues, subordinates and peers.

Transforming to the times

Besides the initial academic qualification, after about 20 years work experience, I had an opportunity to qualify for the Global Advanced Management Programme conducted jointly by the Indian School Of Business Hyderabad and The Kellogg Business School Chicago. This programme changed my perspective to a large extent and encouraged me to take leadership initiative since the organisation was undergoing a constant transformation. The primary stimulus really came from our Chairman, Suresh G Kare, who wanted to groom me for higher positions, step by step. This also gave me the confidence and I accordingly took keen interest in further adding to my academic qualifications.

Value addition

I value experience over qualification. However, qualification also has its own advantages mainly at the entry point and enables you to imbibe the experiences faster. I feel, at every point of time a person has to be elevated from his/her position, he/she should be armed with an additional qualification. It is important that the person takes keen initiative in keeping himself abreast of the latest developments in the field. I secured a MBA degree after having worked for about five years with the organisation. This definitely gave me a system-oriented and a structured approach towards corporate life.

Adding appropriate qualifications

In anticipation of the growth in the organisational hierarchy, a person must prepare himself by adding appropriate qualifications from time to time, e.g., depending upon the area of specialisation a person can add qualifications in the fields like intellectual property rights (IPR), analytical research, regulatory requirements, international business etc. Once you reach the higher orbit, then you hardly have time left to add to your qualifications and then the experience alone matters. Therefore, make sure that you add enough qualifications at the young age which will put you on a faster growth track.


At Indoco we definitely use re-skilling as one of the retention strategies. We run various development initiatives (training programmes) specifically designed for each age group and skill levels. We also have a very active mentoring programme in the organisation which has helped the organisation in people retention and these will be instrumental in driving the company’s growth in future. We do not spend extraordinary high amount, but spend good quality time for these initiatives, which is well appreciated among the employees.

Sundeep Bambolkar, Joint Managing Director, Indoco Remedies

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