Sundyota Numandis launches anti-diarrhoea probiotic

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The company has entered into a strategic partnership with Italian firm Probiotical

Ahmedabad-based healthcare solutions firm Sundyota Numandis announced the pan-India launch of its anti-diarrhoea probiotic product Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, considered as the world’s most scientifically studied probiotic for gastro-intestinal health. To make this product available in India, Sundyota Numandis has entered into a strategic partnership with Italian firm Probiotical, a global leader in bacterial probiotic therapies.

Dinesh Arora, MD and CEO, Sundyota Numandis Group said, “As per the agreement, Sundyota Numandis procures coated oro-soluble L.rhamnosus GG formula from the Italian firm and undertakes its manufacturing for the Indian market under the brand name SuperFlora GG. It will be sold in a sachet form.”

Apart from selling their product, the company has also entered into a strategic alliance with Cipla for marketing the same product under the brand name Unobiotics. “Such agreement is aimed at extending benefits to a larger consumer base,” said Arora.

“While probiotics are very popular in western countries, it is now becoming popular in India. We estimate that the market would touch the Rs 10,000-crore mark in the next 10 years” he said. While the current product is being manufactured by a third party at its facility in Himachal Pradesh, Arora said Sundyota Numandis plans to start its own manufacturing facility at Changodar industrial area here in near future with an investment of Rs 51 crore.