IPA organises national conference of pharmacists

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The theme for the conference was ‘Challenges Today and Tomorrow’

Indian Pharmacist Association (IPA) recently organised a national conference on Indian pharmacists at Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences in Delhi. The theme for the conference was ‘Challenges Today and Tomorrow.’ Different associations representing various states participated in the conference.

Dr Sanjay Tyagi, Director, GB Pant Hospital, New Delhi inaugurated the conference in the presence of following delegates. The delegates who took part in the conference were Dr TK Joshi, Member Secretary, Centre for Env. Health, MAMC, Delhi, Dr Prof G. Jeyabalan, Principal, Alwar Pharmacy College, Alwar (Raj.), SL Nasa, Registrar, Delhi Pharmacy Council, Delhi, Dr Sangeeta Talwar, Professor, MAIDS, New Delhi, Inder Singh Chauhan, Member, Pharmacy Council of India, Delhi. The conference was presided over by Ajay Sharma, President, Delhi Pharmacy Council, Delhi.

In his inaugural message to participants, Tyagi appreciated the efforts of organising such a conference so that pharmacists can update their knowledge. He said that pharmacists are educated among healthcare professionals but at the same time they also need to regularly update their knowledge.

Abhay Kumar, President, IPA said, “Today pharmacists are at a transitional phase. Here we are trying our best to establish ourselves as a key member of the healthcare provider. The true potential of the pharmacists have not yet been recognised either by the government or the private sector. Pharmacists in a healthcare setup is as important as medicine in the hospital. We are a pool of professional human resource, which the government can consider utilising in all national health programmes or even as rural medical officers.”

The Drugs and Cosmetic Act & Rules and Pharmacy Act have become obsolete and there is an urgent need to change and modify it. Certain provisions need be amended and some liberties in dispensing of drugs by the pharmacists without the prescriptions of a medical practitioner are to be included.

Kumar while addressing the conference said that he would like to call upon all the registered pharmacists in India to unite under one umbrella of IPA. He said, “Our goal is to work for the upliftment of pharmacists in all sectors. Our moto is ‘The Pharmacist. United and Together, We stand and We can.”

In the concluding session, Bhupendra Kumar, Secretary General, IPA said that IPA will emerge as a powerful association.

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