Cofsils from Cipla Health launches face masks

The product is CITRA certified and costs Rs 16 per mask
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Cofsils, a brand under Cipla Health, has launched the Cofsils Face Mask, 3-ply single-use disposable face mask for protection against harmful viruses and bacteria.

The 3 ply face mask provides 98 per cent virus protection at 0.1 micron and 98 per cent bacterial protection at three microns, it comes with an adjustable nose clip for a comfortable fit, it is UV sterilised and made in a dust-free environment ensuring safety and hygiene for the consumers. The product is Center for International Regulatory Assistance (CITRA) certified and costs Rs 16 per mask.

The Cofsils Face Mask is available for purchase across India, at all medical stores and e-commerce websites. The brand is also distributing Cofsils Face Masks to healthcare workers in India, extending support to the services provided by nurses, doctors and pharmacists.

Shivam Puri, CEO Cipla Health said, “During this pandemic, our foremost line of defence is taking self-precautionary measure and we at Cipla Health are continually working with the aim to equip and enable healthcare workers as well as consumers to stay safe amidst the coronavirus outbreak.”

The brand has also rolled out a digital film highlighting the emotions of families of frontline and healthcare workers. This is being portrayed through this Cofsils campaign #MaskedButNoSuperHero.

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  • Abhishek Rana

    These masks brought out by cipla cofsils should not be more than 5 rs per mask.
    They should not make this in to a profit business like their pharma business.

  • Alex Thomas

    Cost effective and affordable to public